Choosing a Wooden Newlook Floor

Choosing a Wooden Newlook Floor

Choosing a wooden Newlook floor is a great way to add a warm, modern touch to your home. This is particularly true if you use a hardwood such as Maple or Cherry. These hardwoods are durable and can stand up to a variety of wear and tear. They also come in a wide variety of colors and designs.


Among the various kinds of wood, maple is one of the best woods for hardwood flooring. It is known for its durability, flexibility, and stability. Moreover, it offers a light, mellow color that is perfect for contemporary interiors.

It is commonly sourced from northern countries, including the United States, Canada, Europe, and Northern Africa. However, it is also available in parts of Asia.

Maple wood is available in a variety of colors from reddish brown to creamy white. It is a light wood that is favored for its durability, strength, and grain.

Maple hardwood Plancher Newlook is available in both solid and engineered varieties. Engineered versions have more stability and resistance to large temperature changes. They are also ideal for radiant heating systems. Nevertheless, maple flooring is not recommended for high humidity because of its density.

Maple is not easy to stain, especially on-site. It may take on a blotchy appearance if stained too dark. To prevent this, it is better to use dry methods.


Among the popular choices for hardwood flooring are cherry, oak, ash, and walnut. These woods offer unique looks that add value to your home.

Cherry wood is a little redder in color than most other hardwoods. Its rich and lustrous tone works well with a variety of decors. It also has a fine uniform texture and is easy to clean.

Cherry wood is a versatile and durable choice. However, it is more expensive than other woods. It is usually priced at between $3 and $8 per board foot.

Cherry wood is available in many widths and lengths, ranging from 3.25 inches to six or seven feet. It is also available in engineered planks. A wide plank provides a striking look for any room.

Brazilian Cherry is a beautiful hardwood that can add warmth and beauty to your home. It is a hardwood that comes from the rainforests of Latin America. Its grain is similar to that of oak. This hardwood also makes it resistant to water damage.

Engineered wood

Choosing engineered wood floors can make a big difference to the look and feel of your home. Engineered wood floors are durable, waterproof, and low maintenance. In addition, engineered floors are available in a variety of styles and colors. You can also purchase planks in widths up to ten inches wide.

Generally, engineered floors are made of three to five layers of plywood. These layers are stacked in a cross-grain pattern, and they are bonded together under pressure.

The outermost layer is a veneer. The veneer layer is created by a dry saw cut. The veneer is a thin piece of wood that is placed over the plywood core. This layer gives the engineered floor a nice visual.

The thickness of the planks can vary depending on how they are manufactured. They are typically three to four inches wide. They can also be sold in wider widths.

The other features to look for are stain-able, scratch-resistant, and water-resistant. These features can make engineered wood floors perfect for homes with children and pets.

Pre-installation planning tips

Whether you are installing your own wooden Newlook floor or hiring someone to do it, it’s important to plan out the length of planks and lay out the floor. This can make the installation process go much smoother.

The length of the planks will change depending on the size of the room. Using scrap paper, draw out a pattern. Once you have the plan, cut the ends of the planks to the desired length. You can also use the cut ends to start another row.

Before beginning installation, check your manufacturer’s installation guide. This will help you know what materials to use. You will also need an adult who will be present during the installation. This person should inspect the job for defects and ensure the proper materials are used.

During installation, keep children away from the installation site. Make sure the area is clean and dry. Also, ensure that your ventilation system is working. Hope you understand how to Choosing a wooden Newlook floor. Learn More.

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