Privacy Policy

Home guide shop website of this page message you about this regarding collections, home decor, home design, use and release of private messages if you employ our service. We will not share any quiet personal message except as described during this Privacy Policy.

They also help us understand your likes supported past or current site activity, which enables us to supply you with developing services. 

The following information this website of our policies concerning the collection, use release of all kind personal information we do receive from users of our sites. 

If you are a user of our home guide shop site, you can always contact us.

Message Collection and Use

While you are using our site, we will ask you to bargain with us with a particular personally identifiable message which will be wont to contact or identify you. Personally, the identifiable message may cover, but it is not limited to your name, email address, etc.

Personal Information Collection and Use

We may collect and use the subsequent personal information while using our website service, we may something ask you to us give us your some personal message which will be wont to make a contract. 

  1. Information about your use of our home guide shop website. 
  2. Information that you have simply given using for the aim of registering with the website.
  3. Information about deals is administered over this website. 
  4. Information that you simply provide for the aim of subscribing to the website services and the other information that you send to us.
  5. Name. 
  6. Email Address.