Décor Tips for Turning Your Beach House Into a Cozy Home

Décor Tips For Turning Your Beach House Into A Cozy Home

Owning a beach house and being able to wake up to the sound waves is like having a piece of heaven. If you are that lucky, here are décor tips for turning your beach house into a cozy home. When you are done, every moment spent there will help be a therapy against the harshness of everyday life. So put in some effort to enjoy the enormous benefits of a comfortable life.

Choose the easy maintenance materials

Beach houses are surrounded by sand which can’t always be kept away, so opt for less delicate flooring. Sofas made of bright fabrics look fantastic but they get dirty very fast and frequent stain removal can wear them out quickly. Carpets are great and soft but with all the sand that sneaks in, they are not the best option. You can use a broom or a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dirt and sand much faster in a room with tiles. Then with the carpet. As for the bathroom, choose lighter-colored tiles that will not highlight each limescale stain. The goal here is to ensure a cozy and effortless life so choose materials that are easy to maintain.

Add throw pillows wherever in all seating areas

Blue-white throw pillows and a blanket on a white sofa, whichare a great idea for turning your beach house into a cozy home

Throw pillows come in different shapes and fabrics. They are very stylish and very practical which is a great mix and not always true of the home décor pieces. Arrange them wherever you think you will be sitting: on the sofa, on a kitchen banquette, or even on the floor around the fireplace if there is any. A nice and practical touch would be to put two sets of pillows on your bed. You will appreciate it in the evening when you decide to read a bit in your bed before sleep because they are great as back support. There is a wide variety of all sorts of decorative pillowcases available in stores. So you should be able to easily match your throw pillows to the rest of your furniture.

Put some more effort into arranging the patio

The patio with lots of greenery and various seating sets

According to experts from muvnow.com that have a lot of experience with relocating people and their reasons to do so, the outdoor area is one of the most important features of a beach house. Imagine a warm Florida sun brightening your day and the soft sound of ocean waves caressing your ears. Sitting on your patio and looking at the ocean is extremely calming and that is why you own the house in the first place. It is only natural to put a bit more effort into making that patio and the yard area as cozy as possible.

Select a seating set with soft cushions and a table where you can entertain your friends or simply sit alone reading a book when you feel like it. You can put some candles too to set the romantic mood. You could install a fire pit if you prefer the proper fire during those fresh evenings. With a little relaxation haven outside your beach house, everyone will want to visit you. 

Don’t forget about the fun and games

Two men having fun playing table soccer on the same side

One cannot relax all the time, sometimes we need some good fun times with our friends. Many people love to invite friends over to their beach house and it all becomes immensely more fun if there are some games to play. Apart from the classics such as cards and board games, consider getting table soccer. There’s hardly anyone that doesn’t like to play it, regardless of age or gender. Table tennis is a lot of fun too but it requires a bit more space. And of course, a basketball hoop is the boys’ all-time favorite. The choice of equipment of this type depends on your age and preferences. Luckily there’s something for everyone.

Put your vacation photos out on display

People are emotional creatures. We love to reminisce on the great times we had on a trip or during some event, over and over again. As we are discussing beach house décor here, consider placing photographs from your favorite vacations around your beach house. They will remind you of some golden moments of your life and always improve your mood. In Florida, many people choose to move to a beach house when they retire. This is understandable, because of the peace and joy life in a beach house can bring you. When you are done turning this beach house of yours into a cozy home, maybe you should consider moving here for good. Surround yourself with comfort and the nicest memories of your life and enjoy your well-deserved retirement. It can hardly get any better than that.

To turn your beach house into a cozy home introduce more natural light

Nature is the essential reason behind the beach house appeal. After all, the whole point of it is to get you closer to nature. Therefore it is only fitting to try to introduce as much natural light as possible. Those with a bigger budget can consider enlarging the windows. Alternatively, you can choose curtains that are more transparent. Light is known for its large influence on a person’s mental health and well-being, which makes it an important home feature that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Get a fireplace for the cold months

Even though spending your time outside is what you will be doing the most in your beach house. The weather will not always allow it. A nice fireplace in the living room would provide the most comfortable afternoons when there’s rain or wind. The crackling sound coming from the burning wood and a cup of coffee or hot chocolate will make all worries go away. Fireplaces aren’t just sound machines that get you to unwind, they actually heat the place. That comes in very handy when the temperature drops a bit too low for your taste. It is simply an investment you will hardly ever regret.


Turning your beach house into a cozy home will not only make you feel more relaxed. But will also make it more practical to maintain. Everything related to a beach house should ooze comfort and relaxation so putting some effort to make it cozy is an investment in your mental well-being. Hope it helps to décor tips for turning your beach house into a cozy home.

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