8 DIY Décor Projects For A Cozier Dining Space

8 DIY Décor Projects For A Cozier Dining Space

The dining room – the space that gathers the whole family for daily meals, special occasions, and serious and less serious talks. This is usually one of the central parts of every home, and it needs to be special. However, this area tends to be overlooked or neglected, as most homeowners tend to focus on the kitchen or the living room. Luckily, there are a couple of easy ways you can make your dining space inviting and comfy – and you can do that on your own! Here are the top 8 DIY décor projects for a cozier dining space to transform this area and refresh your home.

1. An old shutter turned into a statement piece

Wall shutters can be so inspirational and versatile when it comes to home décor. They can be turned into a statement piece in your dining room and even be redecorated for different holidays and events. Pick a shutter size that suits the size of your dining space, as well as the furniture in it. If there’s a vacant wall next to your dining room table, use it to place this shutter in the middle as a central piece. Use it to hang decorative wrath, branches, or some other items, and refresh its look as holidays change.

2. or a part of a wall gallery

A shutter can be a part of a wall gallery, just be sure to match its color and tone to the frames of the pictures as well as the furniture in the room. A gallery wall can be a great way to spruce up the walls In your dining area even if you include only picture frames in it. This is the opportunity to show your style, and share favorite family memories or art. Gallery walls don’t need to be expensive or difficult to do – just try to match them with the rest of the space, to create a sleek, unified look.

3. Paint the walls

Blue accent wall in an apartment

If your walls are in a good condition and don’t need touch-ups by a professional, you can easily paint them as one of the great DIY décor projects for a cozier dining space. Warm tones are the best for creating a welcoming, cozy atmosphere, and a fresh coat of paint will help you achieve it. The choice of color will depend on the rest of the space and the amount of natural light, but earthy tones with a pop of color are probably the best option.

You can go for a natural color and paint the majority of the walls, but use a pop of color or even a colorful wallpaper for an accent wall. Wood and stone go well with dark greens and blues, but also deep orange and yellow. Consider the type of wood of your furniture as well as your floors to be able to choose complementary colors and wallpaper for the walls.

4. Wall paneling

One more DIY décor project that can transform the walls and make the space more elegant and cozy. Wall paneling is a technique that gives walls dimension and enhances the room. There are different ways to add wall panels that suit different décor styles, but one thing is for sure – they are inexpensive and easy to do.

5. A dining room cupboard that catches the eye

Is there a cupboard you keep in your garage, or storage – a piece that seemed too old-fashioned for your home? Well, with a fresh coat of paint, new hardware, and some décor you can turn it into a piece that truly catches the eye when you walk in the room. This piece doesn’t need to be a set with your dining table and chairs. You can pick a bright color that complements the rest of the room and switch the hardware with some modern pieces in gold.

You’ll get a completely new piece of furniture that will surely brighten up the dining space and also be practical for storing your china and other dishes. That’s why you shouldn’t get rid of old-fashioned items that are in a good condition. Heart Moving experts suggest you keep them in storage until you get a makeover idea that will turn them into a fashionable piece.

6. Add an interesting rug

Rugs are not placed for their functionality – they cozy up the space and set the tone in home décor. If you’ve got simple furniture in neutral colors, you can spice things up with an interesting rug with a cool pattern in bright colors. Rugs give warmth to the space and protect your floors or carpeting underneath from scratches and spills that are common in the dining area. When it comes to the size and placement of the rugs in dining rooms,

There are some tips that can help you out

  • It’s better to get a bigger than a smaller rug – the rug should be big enough so the dining table and all the chairs fit on it.
  • Pick a rug that’s made of durable materials that are easy to maintain – remember that food stains are common here, so it’s best to have a rug you can easily wash.
  • A flat-weave rug is the best choice for dining areas – fluffy rugs are difficult to clean, but they also make it difficult to pull out the chairs every time your family wants to have a meal.

Adding a rug can be the first step in this décor project. This means you should pick the rug first, and then work your way up with other décor pieces. Choose items that will go together with the rug color or pattern, so the space looks more stylish.

Father and daughter doing  DIY décor projects for a cozier dining space

7. Add floating shelves

Simple, floating shelves can be an easy way to make a statement in your dining area. Placing a couple of them on a vacant wall can create additional storage, but also be great for placing décor items such as plants, picture frames, candles, etc. There are probably items you’ve kept in your storage or garage – it’s time to pull them out and use them to create a unique arrangement on the shelves. Old cups, decorative plates, or glasses can be perfect for this – however, be extra careful with this as packing and unpacking is a high risk of breaking such delicate items. Be sure to practice proper packing techniques when storing or moving items to minimize the risk of breaking them, but also the risk of injuries.

8. A decorative centerpiece is always a good idea

Styling your dining table can set the whole mood in the room and surely make the space cozier. There are tons of ways to do this, and you can update the centerpiece during different seasons or holidays. Some universal, easy solutions would be placing a wooden board on top of the table, and styling it with a couple of candles, branches, pampas grass, and similar pieces. Play with your creativity and make a unique piece that will spice up the space.

A family dining

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, DIY décor projects can be a great way to add some extra coziness to your dining space. Whether you’re looking for something simple like a new wall hanging or a complete revamp with colorful tableware and furniture, there are plenty of options that will make your dining space feel more inviting. With these ideas in mind, there’s no limit to the ways you can transform your dining area into an enjoyable and cozy spot for family meals and hosting guests.

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