Simple Ways To Make Your Bathroom More Luxurious And Spa-Like

Simple Ways To Make Your Bathroom More Luxurious And Spa-Like

Are you ready to bring an elegant touch to your bathroom design? If you want to make this room feel like a spa, there are a few design solutions you should consider. Here are some simple ways to make your bathroom more luxurious and spa-like.

Bring In The Nature

Golden Mirrors And Faucets In A Marble Bathroom

To bring some spa-like elegance to your bathroom, you will have to bring it closer to nature. Or the other way around – bring nature to your spa-like bathroom. Although not all plants can thrive in rooms with too much heat and moisture, you should choose the ones that do. Besides the bathroom essentials, some artificial potted plants can look great in a well-decorated bathroom.

For placing these plats, you can use a countertop, shelves, or the floor (if you have enough room in your bathroom). Another great way to make your bathroom more luxurious and spa-like is to hang some plants on the wall. If you choose to do this, make sure to look for some design ideas online.

Display some nice towels

A Dispenser, A Towel, And Pink Flowers In The Bathroom

If you’ve ever been to a spa, you must’ve seen how nice, plushy bath towels incorporate into the room’s design. If you invest in some quality bathroom towels, you should make sure to put them on display. This will make everyone feel welcome to take a bath or a shower. When buying towels, make sure to choose the color that fits the rest of your bathroom design. You should also buy them in various sizes, and make sure to pick the most absorbent ones. If you have enough room in your bathroom, consider installing a towel-drying rack – you will be grateful you did it when winter comes.

Make a place for every item

A crowded and messy bathroom is everything but elegant and luxurious-looking. This is why you should declutter this room and make room for every item. Once you start decluttering, consider throwing away some old dispensers, shampoo bottles, or decorations you no longer want to use. Keep in mind that minimalism is the key to creating a bathroom that will exude elegance and luxury.

So, when redesigning your bathroom, you should stock it with only items that you will use or that’ll look good as a decoration. If you are in the middle of the move, experts from suggest packing all excessive inventory and putting it in a temporary storage unit. You should make sure to create enough open storage space in your bathroom, as well as some hidden storage for extra toiletries. 

Take the most out of your shower

If you don’t have a tub but only a shower (which most smaller bathrooms do), you can update it. To make your bathroom more luxurious and spa-like, consider installing a fancy showerhead. You can choose the one that simulates the rain or the one with the water filter. Since you’ll be using it every day, you will not regret this investment. In case you plan to remodel the entire bathroom, consider changing the faucets, too.

Simplify the décor

Most luxurious bathrooms have one thing in common – a simple décor. This implies one of two options – you either choose two contrasting colors (like black and white, or black and gold), or you opt for softer, pastel, or earthy colors. First, you will have to decide which one will be the accent wall. It will be the place that attracts the most natural light and visual attention. 

To simplify your bathroom décor and make it look luxurious, consider choosing the color scheme that works for you. For example, if you have a small bathroom with not much natural light, you should avoid having larger surfaces in dark colors. Instead, place a grey or black faucet, a candle, or a lighting fixture – these details can make a big visual impact.

Remodeling your bathroom? Choose a functional layout

A Bathtub And A Floor Plant In The Bathroom

If you plan to remodel your bathroom from scratch, it will be much easier to make your bathroom more luxurious and spa-like. All you have to do is make a plan, a layout, and a design for every detail in this room. If you are remodeling during a move, planning the renovation will require decluttering, packing, or throwing away some of the inventory. If you get rid of unnecessary items from your bathroom during the move, it will help you have them ready in no time.

What you can do during the renovation is create a vision of the space and design of your bathroom. Think of how much storage space you’ll need. Will you be able to make your bathroom more luxurious while keeping it functional for your kids? If you lack storage space, consider adding a few decorative baskets, and nice hooks or install elegant shelving. Keeping everything in place will help you stay organized, which will help you get calm and relaxed after the move.

Bring in the nice smells

The elegant design is not the only thing that will make your bathroom more luxurious and spa-like. Moreover, you should also consider implementing some nice smells that will create a relaxing atmosphere. For some –  an air freshener does the job, but for a spa-like feel – you should consider some organic smells like scented candles or essential oils. If you have a tub in your bathroom, scents like eucalyptus, vanilla, cinnamon, or lavender will help you relax and enjoy a real spa-like experience.

Install elegant lighting

In the end, there is one more thing you can do to make your bathroom more luxurious and spa-like. Whether you’re remodeling from scratch or just changing the design of your bathroom, you should consider installing some elegant lighting in this room, but also choose the best bathroom mirror that will reflect that light. A few bigger candles can do great work, but they’re not practical (or safe) for all-day use. The easiest solution will be to add a few smaller table lamps or an elegant floor lamp. Also, you can always consider installing “hidden” LED lights behind the shelves or the mirror. These lights are great because you can dim them and create a romantic, spa-like atmosphere.


A spa-looking bathroom is all about elegance and a luxurious feel. If you are not sure how to achieve this effect, you can always look for some ideas online. To make your bathroom more luxurious and spa-like. You should think of a design that works for you but is also functional for your family members.

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